Don-E Coady
Boost Your Sales this Christmas with Branding

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean Santa has to throw up red and green all over your office to fit in with the festive mood. In fact, steer clear of the clichés this holiday and stick to your brand if you want to see those holiday shoppers in your space. Here are three tips to boost... [ keep reading ]

Lauren Smyth
Holiday Design Love Fest

We Wish You a Gorgeous Christmas. Christmas seems to begin earlier every year. Amidst the overwhelming amount of decorations, red and green on red and green, gaudy products in stores, and overdone Christmas imagery — it’s easy to lose sight of some really beautiful design that happens in the... [ keep reading ]

Melissa Hogan
Our Favourite Christmas Ads

Now that it’s less than a month until the gifts are unwrapped and the turkey devoured, we’ve declared that it’s on like Donkey Kong in the design loft when it comes to all things Christmas. Soon we’ll be decking the halls loft and digging our trendy ugly sweaters out of storage. This time... [ keep reading ]

Dave Lane
Spreading the Word About Downtown Parking

We here at Dc Design House are major fans of the downtown. The shops, restaurants, bars, offices, and little parks make for an amazing place. But… downtown parking? What a pain! Until now, that is. Downtown St. John’s, also known as the DDC or our city’s only official Business Improvement... [ keep reading ]