Steve Brinston
Why Do Colours Look Different?

Colour is a funny thing. Each and every device has a different way of displaying colours on its screen, and each and every printer prints the same colour slightly differently. It’s a crazy colourful world out there, and us designers are right in the middle of it. So how does it all work? What are... [ keep reading ]

Sean Quinn
Glenn’s Helping Hand

September 4th. 2012… Enter Glenn’s Helping Hand Foundation, A wonderful organization that raises money for research and spreads awareness of juvenile diabetes. The foundation also hosts an annual golf tournament which is key to their fundraising efforts. The key goal of this project was to help... [ keep reading ]

Jackson McLean
The Not-So-Great Fire of 2013

Picture this: It's September 4th, 2013, and a group of happy coworkers are working away in their shiny new office space, just a couple of weeks after moving. Suddenly, a slight aroma of burning vinyl wafts in through the windows. "Anyone else smell that?" is echoed through their beautiful new... [ keep reading ]

Melissa Hogan
How to Create a Shareable Image

You’ve seen them everywhere - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram: images people have shared. Maybe they found it funny. Maybe it was inspirational. Maybe they were trying to win a contest. You’ve probably shared a few yourself. I mean, who can’t resist a cat with... [ keep reading ]

Don-E Coady
Tales From a Work-Term Student

Do you remember when you were finishing school? The nerves. The excitement. That moment when you realize you learned how to do something, but hadn't yet done it in real life? Enter 'the work term'. We feel it's our responsibility to give new grads the chance to experience life in business. This... [ keep reading ]