Dave Lane
What the Heck’s a Hashtag?

We’ve all seen them. Those blue, underlined, strings of letters or words at the end or in the middle of our favourite celeb’s latest tweet from the red carpet. #omgitsthebieb We kinda know what it means. But, do you click it? Is it just a joke? How come other people have the same tag in their... [ keep reading ]

Don-E Coady
Coast 101.1 Billboard

I'm basically a child. No matter what's going on inside my head while driving east on LeMarchant Road, as soon as I catch a glimpse at the broad side of the Nova Yoga studio, I see The Coast 101.1 FM billboard – a stupid smile crosses my face. The design challenge itself was a great one: to... [ keep reading ]

Jacelle Blagdon
Lorem Ipsum Wha?

Have you ever worked with a designer and been confused when work comes back with what looks like gobbledygook instead of English words? I assure you, this is a standard placeholder practice when we don't have your final content. We're not just trying to mess with you. Dating back to the 1500's,... [ keep reading ]