Don-E Coady
The Grumpy Stump Becomes The Local

The Grumpy Stump had become well known in the east end of our city and beyond. I remember going there many times for live music and other 'recreational' pursuits. ;) But, as time went on, "the stump" slumped and the new owners knew it was time to start a new tradition of "music and good... [ keep reading ]

Lauren Smyth
RocketRocketShip Logo Design

So what do you do when one of St. John’s’ hottest up and coming local bands asks you to design their logo? You get excited, then you get down to business. A band’s logo can appear anywhere and on anything—t-shirts, posters, CDs, websites, bass drums, guitar cases, stickers, armbands,... [ keep reading ]

Jackson McLean
When to Use Apostrophes to Pluralize Nouns

If asked which grammar rule grinds our gears the most, it would be apostrophe usage. Not only because it's so often misused; the rule itself is flawed and leaves room for error and confusion. It sounds so simple: pluralize nouns by adding an s, identify possession with an apostrophe then s (or... [ keep reading ]

Melissa Hogan
What is Responsive Design?

You may have heard the term “responsive web design” before and wondered what it is and how it's different from regular old web design? In the past, screen sizes were more standardized and web sites were often built at a fixed width. If your screen happened to be smaller you’d get a horizontal... [ keep reading ]

Don-E Coady
Jingle all the way

Many of the best brands have their own theme song. Collision Clinic – who has been providing top auto repair services for over 35 years invested in a theme song of their own many years ago and well, let's just say that many of us can sing it in our sleep – which is why when the idea to do... [ keep reading ]