Don-E Coady
Tales From a Work-Term Student

Do you remember when you were finishing school? The nerves. The excitement. That moment when you realize you learned how to do something, but hadn't yet done it in real life? Enter 'the work term'. We feel it's our responsibility to give new grads the chance to experience life in business. This... [ keep reading ]

Dave Lane
What the Heck’s a Hashtag?

We’ve all seen them. Those blue, underlined, strings of letters or words at the end or in the middle of our favourite celeb’s latest tweet from the red carpet. #omgitsthebieb We kinda know what it means. But, do you click it? Is it just a joke? How come other people have the same tag in their... [ keep reading ]

Don-E Coady
Coast 101.1 Billboard

I'm basically a child. No matter what's going on inside my head while driving east on LeMarchant Road, as soon as I catch a glimpse at the broad side of the Nova Yoga studio, I see The Coast 101.1 FM billboard – a stupid smile crosses my face. The design challenge itself was a great one: to... [ keep reading ]