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Partner Love: Krista Hynes

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Hey guys, Dc here! You’ve heard us say it before (and we’ll totes say it again), but DcDH is the LUCKIEST to work with the coolest clients and partners good ole’ Sin Jawns has to offer. Financial advisor Krista Hynes has been one of our allies for years now, and I’m stoked to have her aboard for the future! Here’s Krista to say a few words!

Building with Don-E

Way back in 2013, Don-E and I teamed up to help make his company shine even brighter. Like any true business owner, he was, of course, focused on his employees. We wanted to increase the value of his quickly growing business while ensuring his team was receiving the best of the best care.

We looked at group plan options, and together we were able to build a custom plan reflecting the varying needs of his uniquely awesome crew. 

For the DcDH team, it was all about flexibility! For many team members, I extended my group services to individual plans, helping them achieve better budgeting tactics and savings goals, pay off debt, buy houses, and protect themselves, their families, and their incomes.

Krista is so passionate and driven to help people not just in her job, but as a person. There’s no question she enjoys and excels at what she does. She’ll give it to you straight and help in any way she can to get you what you need. I’ve talked to Krista about everything from personal finances to health insurance, and I’ve never questioned her expertise, or the fact that she genuinely cares. – Nicole Button

Collaboration is key

Working with Don-E and his crew has been a real collaborative effort, one that benefits all parties. His employees are kept fully involved and informed, so they know how to take advantage of what their plan offers.

And since it’s important to the success and relevance of any business that the plan grows with the team, we’ve returned to the plan each year to see what can be added or fine-tuned. All of this helps ensure that Dc Design House is strong, protected, and running smoothly.

From innovative financial planning and regular discussion, to protection plans and continuation strategies, Krista takes care of it all, and we love her for it! Together we make sure DcDH can ride the economic tide and is among the best places to work in NL! Get in touch today to team up or learn about our other awesome partners!

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