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The Rogues Know Brand Spirit

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How does one know that they’re truly KILL-ING-IT?

Is it the screaming fans? Is it the award nominations? Yes and Yes. The Rogues are a rowdy five man band that released a savage debut album this year and are already stomping into their Sophomore recording.

Knowing a few of the boys well, I can say that we’re big supporters of them. They bring the passion and are the first ones to raise up the people and musical community around them.

So let’s review:

  1. b’ys are deadly
  2. wicked tunes
  3. bringing the heat
  4. all time at it
  5. none of the time not at it

As a long-time musician myself (check out the album I released with Temples frontman Richard Seypka this year) I’ve always given a lot of time to helping other musicians and artists in general up their brand spirit. Working with the Rogues has been a LOT of fun. They appreciate us for what we do and give us credit for the artists we are. The Rogues are nominated for Alternative Album of the Year and we wish them the best of luck.

Sometimes people forget that commercial artistry comes from a passion for taking art and copy and making it connect, to the eyes, the ears, and most importantly, the heart. It’s what we do every day, and ya know what? It rocks.

Later this month MusicNL (another client we love) is bringing the party to Corner Brook. I’ll be moderating a panel at the conference, presenting the Dc Design House Inc. “Male Artist Award” (always the bridesmaid … ;). Oh! I’m also nominated for a few things: Director of Chris Kirby’s “Leave of Absence” for Video of the year. Volunteer of the Year. Designer of the Year.

Check out the other wicked nominees!

Looking forward,

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