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We’ve been designing Atlantic Canada’s leading adventure sport magazine for over 5 seasons now and we’re pumped to see it continuing to grow in the professional appeal of its look and feel.

A few years ago the Sledworthy crew took me all over the Island for an 8ish day tour that made a man outta me. You don’t know ‘go’ until your flying down an ungroomed logging trail after midnight in a caravan of eight seasoned riders who do not give a single eff. Thanks boys. I lived.

We wanted to share the contribution of our writers, the ability for their team to update and upload content and ad opportunities to further expose the clients that appear in each edition of the magazine thru emarketing, print ads, digital ads, and social media expressions.

Using the website as a means to share content, enter to win, join the mailing list, and to subscribe to get the magazine are goals we put front-row-centre. With a branded look and feel that really speaks to the winter and power sport lovers – locally and nationally, as our booming site traffic indicates.

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