Erin Molloy
Fallin’ for Wreckhouse

I was introduced to Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues about five years ago when I worked at Choices for Youth and sat on a committee for the fundraising event, Hot Soup, Cool Jazz. I had just returned home from living in Toronto (where I’d made appearances at its jazz festival since the tender age of 15)... [ keep reading ]

Sean Quinn
#TRENDING – Fall Edition 2015

The fall is quickly approaching, and the world is getting ready for a transition. You could be in the corporate world about to roll into Q3, or a fashion designer waiting to hear about the hot new fall colours. In short — seasonal trends are everywhere, including the wonderful world of design. We... [ keep reading ]

Sean Quinn
Behold Montserrat!

This font jumped into the scene over the last couple of years, and it has quickly become a favourite. This retro styled sans-serif font was designed by Julieta Ulanovsky of Argentina. It was inspired by the signage and typography used in the neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires. I think it’s... [ keep reading ]

Lauren Smyth
Learning Good Design

I’ll know it when I see it Have you ever seen a poster that really catches your eye for some reason? Or a logo that doesn’t really have anything in particular wrong with it, but doesn’t seem to fit the company? Sometimes its hard to know just why something looks good or bad. Welcome to... [ keep reading ]