Lauren Smyth
Our Work in the Wild

Driving down the road, our whole team packed into two cars, headed to an afternoon team meeting and there was a chorus, over and over: “Hey, we made that!” We don’t get out much There is literally nothing cooler than spotting these real-life applications of our work on the sides of the road.... [ keep reading ]

Alisha Morrissey
Coming Out

I've got a confession to make. It's a tough one to share publicly, but it's true and I've always been a big believer in the truth. So here goes … I'm mentally ill. That's crazy OK, now I know you're all like, that's insane, why would you share that in a work blog for a marketing... [ keep reading ]

Sean Quinn
History in the making…

Stop. For one second. Think about how much has changed in 150 years. The beginning industrial age, and the rise of electricity; the discovery of DNA, and two world wars; Canada’s first birthday, and the collapse of the cod industry — to name just a few. In this ever changing world, one thing... [ keep reading ]