Don-E Coady
Cursing and Cancer

Full disclosure: we’re no strangers to ‘language.’ That’s a nice way of inferring that there are a few of our team with tongues on ‘em. We still love them though. One place where we try to not swear is in our work. Cusses tend to come off as obnoxious and can certainly offend - especially... [ keep reading ]

Don-E Coady
Partnerships make us shake our hips

When Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues chose us to make this year’s festival the best they’ve ever had, we were over the moon. When they came to us nary a week later saying they had a show in less than four weeks that needed to be promoted, we jumped into high gear! Four weeks is a short timeframe... [ keep reading ]

Sean Quinn
The Dude Abides

Hold the phone.... that can’t be? Oh buddy it sure is! The 2015 Nickel Independent Film Festival is right around the corner! This year I was instructed to tone it wayyyyyyyyyy down. Holy #$%@ did I ever. And we couldn’t be flipping happier! Back to the future Let’s hop into the way-back... [ keep reading ]