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The biggest (ad) game of the year

‘Sup, friends? Commercials these days, amiright?! With on-demand, we just click fast forward through most of them; not to mention commercial-free TV like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. However there’s one glorious day of the year for ad fans when we watch TV all night just to watch and admire the creativity that’s possible when helping a brand go boom. (I mean, I’m not really torn over who won the game when there are so many agencies competing for millions of eyeballs the world over.)

Here’s our best of the best list:

Nicole’s Pick: Cozy unlimited data?

This hilarious ad featuring Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, plays on the polar-opposites-attract, super-weird relationship the two have. (Did you know about their new cooking show?) The play on words and the taboo topic was what got writer Nicole’s eyes and ears perking up during all the sportsing. Oh yeah, and T-Mobile’s unlimited plans!

Alisha’s Pick: An underdog story

In a time when we need reminding of what diversity can create, Budweiser already had a great origin story to tell: an immigrant who, despite terrible odds, partners with a local and becomes a huge success. Everyone loves the underdog, and we can all use a reminder that diversity brings new ideas and that’s good for everyone!

Denise’s Pick: Another timely story

Audi’s #DriveProgress ad was perfect to remind everyone about how we think about women, and, after we all celebrated the women’s march on Washington, a couple weekends ago, this one hits the nail on the head current-events wise. In addition, Audi is hitting both male and female markets with such a strong message, and that’s just good advertising.

Mo’s Pick: It’s the little pleasures

Motaz (Mo’ dev, no problems) picked the Peter Fonda Easy Rider ad for Mercedes, which included every actor who has played a biker on TV and in movies in the last 10 years. It’s got great comedy and two things Mo loves … AMG Cars and Born to Be Wild. Sometimes it’s the little things …

Sid’s Pick: It’s also the big moments!

In the Design House we’ve all got a little love for superhero flix so we’d be remiss to not include this wicked movie trailer for the new Wolverine movie, Logan. Sid picked it because it’s got great music, doesn’t give away too much of the plot, and it was exciting and emotional; all the good things a trailer should be!

Dc’s Pick: Star Power

After Melissa McCarthy’s surprise Saturday Night Live appearance left us in stitches, she killed it with another laugh-out-loud performance on this year’s Super Bowl best ads list. She’s known for doing something completely out of left field, but pointing out all the environmental crises ongoing right now also makes the ad timely, and that “Oh, come on!” at the end was perfect.

Wrap it up with the sales pitch

Our favourites this year were political and car centric. We’re living in an age when it’s cool to know what’s going on and to do something about it. And the car thing … well they spend the biggest bucks on the brightest minds.

Speaking of, if you’re looking for an ad worthy of Super Bowl Sunday – even if you’re not planning on paying the reported $5 million for one 30-second placement get in touch and we’ll help you brand a little better, and have more fun doing it.

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