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The Hot Minute: Whitespace

I grew up a cartoonist. My childhood obsession with Garfield and Archie led to what I considered hylarrrrious illustrations of my friends and family that marked every occasion, from birthdays and holidays, to what happened on the way to the store near our house. Everything was worth a comic.

Today, friends still contact me with comics I did for them in grade school and beyond. I honestly never considered it a talent, and yet those comics definitely lead me to my life in creative arts. But now time isn’t always on my side, and while I love nothing more than art therapy, creating comics is a luxury that has escaped me over the years.

Imagine my shock and pride when I walked into the studio to find that my team, lead by creative wizard Stevie-Dubs, had created a Dc comic as part of the storytelling flow that’s very much part of our corporate culture. Storytelling in any form, be it an article, video, or even a comic strip, lets us serve up brand spirit on the regular to our clients, our support systems, and our team, all of whom are so amazing and inspire me daily.

The focus of this comic, the first of a few “Hot Minutes” you’ll see on our website, is about a fundamental concept that everyone in business must learn the value of in order for their ads to look the part and earn attention: whitespace

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Cartoon-Blog V01(single page) (1)_Page_2

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Please, take heed! And if you dig it, let us know. Feedback is always welcomed!


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