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What Did Dave Do?

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He’s at it again, our Dave! But who’s surprised, really? Dave Lane, a development partner of Dc Design House, the man with a plan, is running for a second term as an at-large councillor with the city of St. John’s. And just like four years ago, we saw it coming!

So what has Dave done in his first four years on city council? Well let me tell ya, he’s been busy!

Dave’s made waves in public engagement, environmental concerns, heritage preservation, and entrepreneurship. From chairing the city’s Public Engagement Task Force (which, by the way, has hosted TWENTY FIVE significant engagement campaigns since Dave took office), to protecting St. John’s’ heritage properties through new financial grants, Dave has killed it at preserving our city’s historic roots, while propelling us forward in the best ways possible.

What’s Dave doing next?

The sky’s the limit for our dear old city with Davey boy back on city council! He has a lot of irons in this fire, with ideas on improving the city’s operating programs, supporting local art hubs and startup initiatives, and movin’ and shakin’ our city’s youth into civic engagement.

Dave’s role in our city’s plan is one of progressivism and future-mindedness, so we know his next four years are going to bring more of the good stuff and a whole lotta fresh ideas. Which is why we we’re crazy excited to once again help his campaign hit the streets.

Bringing back the buttons

We’re two campaigns in, now, and the Dave Lane material is pouring from our doors and spilling onto Bates Hill. From brochures and posters, to car decals and buttons, DcDH is pumped to be partnered with this guy and his deadly campaign team! Need a yard sign? We got oodles.

Want to get involved with the campaign? Interested in learning more about our pal Dave? Visit to see what else Dave has done, and all he has planned to do next for our incredible city of St. John’s.


See you at the polls on September 26th and remember: #votedavelane.


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